Lance Rockworthy of the 2 Skinnee J's
3/8/03 Webster Theatre - Hartford, CT
by Erica Pepin

E: Please state your name and your role in the band.
L: Okay…my name is Lance Rockworthy and I play guitar for 2 Skinnee J's.
E: 2 Skinnee J's has been touring for years, what would you consider the best moment you guys had on tour?
L: Probably touring with "Sugar Ray" and "Everlast," whenever we opened for them on their national tour. Just cause it was the first time we experienced that level of touring. Ya know…tour buses, catered meals. We only had to play a half hour each night, like at eight o'clock, so then after we could just talk to people and ya know drink and have fun. It was pretty easy, it was very exciting cause it was three thousand screaming kids every night, even though most of them were screaming for Mark.
E: Do you guys perform any rituals before playing?
L: We have a little circle thing that we just kind of yell and jump…
(At this point someone enters the room and interrupts the interview and gives Lance a pack of cigarettes, he instructs him to look inside of the pack, Lance looks)
L: Nice…he put a dollar in there; cause Stevie Spice always bums cigarettes from me, so does J. Guevara. They pay me every once in a while. But ummm yea we just kind of get together and we actually sing, we do vocal warm ups together. We have an acoustic guitar we keep back stage so the guys can warm up their voices so that they can try and sing. And we do a little jump and yell then hit the stage and rock!
E: You guys have played over 1300 shows, what are some of you favorite bands you guys have played with?
L: Well the band we are playing with tonight "All as Well" is defiantly one of our favorites. Just cause they are real good friends as well as they write good music. We had a lot of fun with "Sugar Ray" and "Everlast" and ummm a band, they're no longer together but "Infectious Organisms," we used to go on the road with them and have them open for us. Just great, great music and great guys.
E: Describe each member of the band with just one word.
L: Okay… Stevie: handsome. Mikey: peaceful. Joel…Joel. Eddie: devious, but nice, I know that was three but… Noah: I would have to say…ummm Noah? I want to be nice, haha. Noah's nice but he can be sly, sorta like sharp. Sharp, Sharp, Noah would be Sharp..yea!
E: Who's the bands primary choreographer?
L: One time Stumpy had us go work with a choreographer, to get our dance moves. To try and get us more backstreet boyish. A lot of them just kind of happen on stage and then it just becomes regular. You do something that's like oh wow that's fun. Every once and a while we'll work out something post-show, but most of the time its on the spot and then just becomes part of the show.
E: This is the toughie. We got the news that the breakup is real, were disappointed but did anything actually spark it or did it just snowball?
L: There's no spark to it…its just that the band has been around for a decade and we just getting to the point were we're going to have to change the type of band we are...ya know. There's a chance that…you never know what's going to happen, it depends on what this record does. Maybe we can keep making music, the chances of that happening are not good but we'll see what happens. But there's no spark, I mean obviously the last few years have been kind of rough on us and having to go through what we did with those major labels and everything. It did affect the band and our financial status is undesirable but we'll see what happens. It has nothing to do with our lack of creativity or our not liking each other, cause we like each other for the most part. Actually we're writing music more than we ever have before. It's been hard to keep the business side of it together; it's just been tough.
E: Is anyone planning to stay in the music business, or are you all out?
L: Ummm...I don't know. I can only speak for me personally. Everybody else is still deciding what we're going to do now. It's not to clear. I think probably, regardless if we are doing it for our livelihood, were all pretty passionate about music, so I am sure all of us would be doing music one way or another, probably for the rest of our lives. Just weather it's in the studio or playing with another band. It will be involved in out lives some kind of way.
E: This is one of the great things that happened to you guys. Three minutes got adopted for WWE wrestlers intro song. How did that happen?
L: Oh yeah…I don't know if that was a great thing. We didn't get anything out of it really, they basically just kind of used or song and never talked to us again. Stevie Spice's friends had a friend that worked for WWE and they said we should summit it. So we did and they liked it, and now they used it. But we didn't get much out of it.
E: What are the group's rules to play BBQ?
L: That would be hot tube, naked people and drugs. But we never get it. We always just end up playing anyway. You never know what your going to get, might as well ask for it.
E: What's you favorite song on the new album?
L: My favorite song on the new album…that's tough. They're kind of all my babies right now. The one that I really, really enjoy listening to would probably be "Change the World." I like the way that one came out. We've been trying to get that one on a record for a while, we actually recorded that one for Volumizer, but we were unhappy with the way that it turned out. It used to be Freedom. That what we call it when we play it live. But we finally got that on CD, I am really happy about that. So that would be my favorite.
E: If you were a kangaroo, what would you but in your pouch?
L: Ummm…. A pocket protector. (Everyone laughs)
E: That's a good answer. Through all the years of touring has any song stood out as your favorite to play live.
L: Defiantly. I mean it's my personal opinion. I always enjoy playing Sgt. Stiletto and I always enjoy playing Sugar and Candy. Those are two of my favorites.
E: In three words tell why people should go out and support the J's and the release of Sexy Karate.
L: Ummm… three words, I mean the obvious answer would be, WE NEED MONEY. Well, we can leave it at that. Well, there's more to it than that. How about, cause we love you all.